Jonathan Ray

Atlanta, GA · [email protected]

Passionate about plant biology and systematics, a degree in Botany led me to explore a career in horticulture. My experience with structured system for describing plants translated well into my budding interest in projects with code. Plants and coding had more in common than meets the eye. It wasn't long before this idea had taken root and grown into more than a passing interest.

In early 2019, I committed fully to pursuing web development. I attended a 16-week immersive full-stack coding bootcamp at DigitalCrafts, in Atlanta, Georgia. There, I developed proficiencies in the full-stack of Javascript technologies prevalent across the internet such as Node.js, React, and much more.

My background rooted in Botany provides me with unique and innovative approaches to creative problem solving.



16 week Immersive Coding Bootcamp

Learned Python and full-stack JavaScript, including Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, React, Redux, HTML/CSS, Amazon Web Services, and more

February 2019 - May 2019

Univerity of Florida

Bachelor of Science

Studied the biology of plants, from the molecular to the organismic level. Mastered course material in ecology, genetics, physiology, taxonomy, anatomy, molecular biology, organic chemistry and biochemistry.

August 2010 - May 2014


Stranger Sweater

Description: Built for fans of Stranger Things, Stranger Sweater is two projects in one. The Sweater is studded with lights that blink out your message. The controlling interface is a stylish web app where you can send/see spelled out messages anywhere in the world. Spooky!

Features: 26 individually addressable LEDs. Internet connected wearable. Progressive Web App for ease of use. Web interface has its own light display that blinks along with what the Sweater is currently spelling out.

Built with: Python, React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, RaspberryPi

Note: This is an susbstantial evolution of a project I created back in 2016.

November 2019


Description: Trading thumbtacks for digital pins, Flamingo is a digital interpretation of a familiar way of showing trips across the globe.

Features: Mapbox and Mapquest integration. Interactive edit/add process for modifying trips and experience. Dynamic sorting by keywords, past, and future trips. Clean, responsive UI and intuitive interface that autosaves and anticipates user behavior.

Built with: React, HTML, CSS, Materialize, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL

May 2019


Description: A social platform for finding, meeting, and conversing with people with similar musical tastes.

Features: Integration with OAuth2 login with Spotify. Spotify API to find each user’s Top Artists as well as allow them to edit their favorites for new Top Artists. 30 second track previews for other users’ Top Artists. Clean matching/skipping UI and intuitive chat client that encourage interactivity.

Built with: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL

April 2019

Rough Draft

Description: Brewery-finding site for any state in the United States.

Features: Entirely front-end site that seamlessly integrates with 4 APIs to create rich information on each brewery. Single page application that responsive to any screen size. Intuitive UI that guides the user to finding the information they want quickly.

Built with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

March 2019

Geriatric Joyride

Description: 2D game where the player gains points by driving a car and colliding with sprites while avoiding buildings.

Features: An Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) approach allows multiple sprites of different kinds and attributes to be used in creating dynamic game-play.

Built with: Python and Pygame Library.

March 2019


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging


Starting with a precocious interest in how fireworks work, I have had a long history of taking things apart. I'm an active member of the DIY community, building things like sweaters, heavily inspired by Stranger Things, that light up and spell silly words or sound-reactive light-up bell-bottom pants for a disco outfit.
When I'm not soldering or coding, you can find me on a kayak, surf board, or skis. If saltwater wasn't such a good conductor, I would have worked LEDs or other circuitry into my board a long time ago.
Finally, when the power is out and I'm stuck indoors, I've been known to pluck orginal (and often silly) ditties out on the guitar and banjo. My neighbors have graciously declined to comment when asked what they thought of my skill in this area.

Pet Projects

A selection of some sillier side projects, usually ever-evolving:

Stranger Sweater

Description: A Stranger Things inspired "ugly holiday sweater" that lights up and spells out messages.

Features: 26 Individually addressable RGB LEDs that cylce through the letters of a preset message.

Built with: Arduino and C/C++.

December 2016

Beltline Tinder

Description: Light-Up sign for engaging with passerbys in a familiar format.

Features: Local web-server for connecting with multiple devices. Simple, familiar "Tinder" interface for a binary choice. Over 400 LEDs to light selected portions of the sign in a quick response-time.

Built with: Arduino and C/C++.

May 2017
Photo coming soon...

Digital Disco

Description: A discotheque outfit studded with LEDs and internal logic

Features: Conductive thread connects dozens of fully addressable RGB LEDs thoughout the outfit to create patterns. Planned features include reponsiveness to ambient music and (later) specific dance move patterns.

Built with: Arduino and C/C++.

May 2019